Vagi-Clear: Natural Vaginal Itching Remedy

Vagi-Clear: Natural Vaginal Itching Remedy

Best Vaginal Itching Remedy

Vaginal ItchingIn pharmacy school I’ve been learning a lot lately about fungal and bacterial ailments like ringworm, athletes foot and yeast infections.  It got me thinking about how often we are prescribing drugs and topicals for these type of issues at the hospital I work at.  The most common of these that we dispense meds for daily is related to women’s issues, mainly patients complaining of how to get rid of vaginal itching.   It’s an embarrassing issue but I’ve come to realize that itchy vagina is a very common issue and most people receive treatment for the symptoms only and not the true cause, this includes the patients at the hospital I work at.  Taking what I’ve learned in class and in talking with nurses and doctors at work, I thought this would be a great topic to put on this site, giving me a chance to educate people on the best way to treat vaginal itching.

What most people do not realize is that there are two ways to treat a condition, ailment, disease etc.  You can treat the symptoms or you can treat the cause.  Sometimes it is best to treat both, but most people only treat or receive treatment for the symptoms and this is the wrong approach to take as you are only masking the condition that is still present.  In the instance of vaginal itching, almost every over the counter product and topical out there is meant to treat the symptoms (itching or pruritus), this is why there are so many re-occurrences of the issue in women, because they aren’t treating the cause of the condition.


Causes Of Vaginal Itching

The two main causes of an itchy vagina are from bacterial vaginosis and or a yeast infection.  These are often confused with one another, though they are different, they share a major theme, an unbalance in the vaginas normal flora.  A healthy and itch free vagina contains many microorganisms known as normal flora, these are necessary and beneficial “good bacteria” that are present to prevent other vaginal microorganisms from overtaking and multiplying causing symptoms such as vaginal itching.  A change in the vaginas level of normal flora can happen for a number of reasons.  If you take antibiotics, or douche (more on that later) then it allows the infectious bacteria to take over and cause problems.  The #1 reason why this occurs is an imbalance in the body’s pH level.  If you’re now thinking, “that if an unbalanced pH level can cause yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis, then all I need to do is maintain my body’s pH and I have a big advantage in preventing these issues”, then you’re absolutely on the right track.

If you suspect your symptoms of vaginal itching may be from an STD such as gonorrhea, or trichomonas, see here.

Common Mistakes in Treating Vaginal Itching

The number one mistake any female can make when trying to maintain feminine hygiene and combat vaginal itching is [wps_hide id=3] douching.  Douching is unhealthy, fact.  Douching strips the vagina of all it’s good bacteria (normal flora) allowing bad bacteria that causes yeast infections and symptoms of itchy vagina to take over.  In fact douching can actually make your condition much worse as it can send all that bad bacteria deeper inside your body up to your baby making parts, causing even more issues you don’t want.

Using topicals to treat vaginal itching is also not the best remedy.  Though much better than douching topicals can be harsh on the delicate area that is the vagina, breaking down the skin and causing continued itching.  Also most topicals will simply treat the symptoms of itchiness and vaginal odor and you’ll have to keep reapplying as it won’t cure you of the condition that is causing the symptoms.


Natural Vaginal Itching Remedy

Armed with this information, and after talking with nurses and doctors at my hospital it’s clear that the best way to cure vaginal itching is to treat it internally by restoring your body’s pH and normal flora.  The exact remedy that one of the charge nurses at my work uses on patients is Vagi-Clear by Native Remedies.  The nurses and patients rave about this product for a couple of reasons.  First off Vagi-Clear contains 100% homeopathic ingredients that are safe, non-addictive and FDA registered.  Also the concentrated tincture is ingested orally, which is much more comfortable and less embarrassing than having a stranger apply a topical to your private region.  This and the fact that it’s available without a prescription, safe for all ages and pregnant women, with no side effects, makes Vagi-Clear such a popular and trusted remedy.

Because a remedy like Vagi-Clear is ingested orally, it acts fast on a cellular lever, restoring the body’s natural pH level and quickly relieving many symptoms associated with bacterial vaginosis including, vaginal itching, vaginal odor, vaginal burning and vaginal discharge.  If you’ve ever had these symptoms you know how unpleasant and embarrassing it can be, but there really couldn’t be an easier cure in my opinion.  If you’ve had these issues in the past, you’ll most likely have them again, I suggest (with the full support of our nursing staff) that you keep a bottle of Vagi-Clear in your medicine cabinet and give it a try.  If you do, please leave comments below with your opinion on how this remedy works for vaginal itching and other symptoms.  I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised and relieved.  For more information on ways to balance the pH levels of the body see here.  Best of health.

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Vaginal Itching Natural Remedy

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9 Responses to “Vagi-Clear: Natural Vaginal Itching Remedy”

  1. Care Bear says:

    I love this product! I keep a bottle stashed away under my sink and whenever I have symptoms I use it and the itching is gone before it even really starts. This stuff is kinda like my own secret weapon, glad the word is getting out about it!

    -Cari H

  2. Elvera says:

    I have always known that douching is kind of like spraying perfume on yourself after a sweaty workout in order to clean up. Little did I know it can actually be harmful and contribute to further hygiene problems. It amazes me how little most women know about how to take care of the reproductive parts of their body. It just takes a little concern for your health and a willingness to research and learn. When it comes to sensitive or embarrassing subjects, people fail to ask questions. I’m glad there is a blog in cyberspace that is available for anyone who is initiated enough to want to learn.

  3. Savannah says:

    Thank you so much for posting this information, I realize that this is not something that is supposed to be embarrassing, because it happens to everyone at some point in time, but it still is. Your information has helped a great deal with some of the questions I have had before, so thank you. This looks like a very good option the next time I have a problem.

  4. Henry H says:

    The vagina and the interior vaginal walls, along with the surrounding reproductive organs make up a system that is complex and sensitive as well. There are just so many maladies that can infect any one of the organs of a female’s reproductive system. It is amazing that some women do not know or bother to learn how to properly care for their body. Most of those are young women or teenagers who have not been taught how to care for themselves or worse, never visited a gynecologist who can teach them, not only about hygiene, but also about how to use nutrition to boost the immune system and effect favorable and balanced hormonal reactions. So I’m glad to see there is a popular blog such as this one which makes helpful health related information available to anyone.

  5. Juanita says:

    I think the publisher of this article was correct in writing about this problem because it is an area of interest for females as this really is a quite a common condition. It is a subject that can be embarrassing to discuss, but it is important to become educated about. So thank you for this article, this product looks promising.

  6. Micheal says:

    I agree with your reader Juanita, this is a topic that needs to be discussed and women need to learn about but are to embarrassed to talk about. I wonder, if this is such a common problem and most likely every woman out there has experienced it at one time or another, why is it so embarrassing to talk about it. I also agree that this product has promise, can it be found in any drug store or Wal-Mart?

  7. Benjamin says:

    Hi Micheal, Unfortunately no this product cannot be found at a local drug store, Native Remedies restricts their products to online. Most products at a drug store will simply treat the symptoms and sometimes make the condition worse.

  8. TerryT says:

    I am glad that someone finally put this information out here where it can educate women everywhere. This is something that we all need to know and we need to know how to treat it and what causes it. I know for me this was always a very embarrassing subject to even discuss with the doctors so having this information available like this is great.

  9. bvsucks says:

    I am 24 years old and I have been suffering from bacterial vaginosis for almost two months now. It is so frustrating and you begin to feel like it will never go away. Doctors can’t even tell you what caused it because there are so many probable causes. It seems that the longer bacterial vaginosis is in your system, it is increasingly resistant to medication and difficult to treat.

    I was first prescribed Metro gel for 5 days which did not releive my symptoms, then I was prescribed Flagyl (Metronidazole) pills which are apparently very harsh on your liver like other antibiotics and have the risk of many unpleasant side effects, which I luckily did not experience. I stopped taking the Flagyl after 5 days (it was prescribed for 7 days) because I noticed no changes in my symptoms and I have been fighting a horrible flu and ear infection.

    I have been drinking a vegan probiotic drink for a few days which will hopefully help restore the good bacteria. I will try Vagi-Clear as well because it is homeopathic which seems more promising than antibiotics and has no known side effects. I will also continue to see my gynecologist and the specialist she referred me to for any other necessary treatment options. I really hope this product helps me and other women suffering from this horrible infection.

    Please share your stories if Vagi-Clear has helped you! Please let the rest of us know if there is something that doesn’t just mask or temporarily relieve these symptoms, but actually cures it.

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