Bacterial Vaginosis Causes

Bacterial Vaginosis Causes

Bacterial Vaginosis: Top 5 Causes

Bacterial Vaginosis is in fact pretty common among women. Bacterial vaginosis is not the same as a yeast infection, as BV is a bacterial infection and yeast infections are not. Another misbelief is that bacterial vaginosis is an STD, when in fact it is not classified as a sexually transmitted disease by the center for disease control BV occurs whenever mischievous bacterium overtakes the good bacteria (normal flora) that is meant to shield the vaginal area from such issues. When pH levels in the body become altered or imbalanced it provides a huge opportunity for injurious bacteria to out number normal flora. Symptoms consist of, vaginal itching, burning, odor and white colored discharge. This discharge is visible above all after sex and coats the walls of the private parts.  If you are looking for the best natural bacterial vaginosis remedy, click below.

Bacterial Vaginosis Cure


Medicine such as antibiotics eliminate good bacteria from the body, which is why they shouldn’t be used for small-scale illnesses like a cold. Using antibiotics depletes the vaginal region of any healthy bacteria, providing a perfect opportunity to get bacterial vaginosis. Supplementing with probiotics such as Lactobacillus can help rejuvenate your bodies normal flora.


Your body’s pH level is highly affected by your diet. Foods that are acidic can generate an unbalance in pH, therefore creating a pro bacterial vaginosis environment. While symptomatic, it’s worthy to avoid acidic food and beverages to let your body to restore normal pH levels.  If you are looking for the best bacterial vaginosis treatment, see my article on the best way to cure vaginal itching.

Proper Hygiene:

Something that every woman needs to be certain they are doing in the restroom, is wiping from front to back. Wiping from front to back prevents the outspread of germs from the anus to the vaginal region, thus preventing bacterial infections. This uncomplicated hygiene method plays a chief element in BV cases each year. Also be sure you are cleansing yourself in the shower from front to back as well.


Never ever douche. Though at first douching may seem to have cleared up your symptoms of BV, it in truth just made them worse. Douching washes out all the helpful and beneficial bacteria that is there to protect you from ailments such as bacterial vaginosis. By douching you are doing the BV causing bacteria a privilege by removing all the healthy bacteria that is meant to protect you. Worse, douching can physically push that bad bacteria up farther inside your body, causing infections and problems in the baby making areas, which believe me is a complication you do not want. No matter what you learned as a child or what your mother told you, never ever douche.

Check Your Outfit:

Tight fitting clothing for long periods of time can be a contributing factor to bacterial vaginosis. If your job often has you in skin-tight fitting pants, this often overlooked cause could be the explanation you’re getting BV. The constant tight fit of clothing, doesn’t allow for the area to receive routine air flow and can create a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. G strings and thongs are to be included in the tight clothing category. Thongs and G strings can in fact spread germs from the anus to the vaginal region, so its in particular important that you maintain appropriate hygiene. See here for  more on bacterial vaginosis and other wellness products and reviews

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