So you think you’re STD Free…

So you think you’re STD Free…

How do you know if you have an STD?

How do you know if you have an STDTo answer this question simply, you don’t.  According to the CDC, one out of every 4 people have some sort of sexually transmitted disease or infection, right now.  Look around the  room you are in right now, if there are more than 4 people in it, there’s a good chance that one of them has an STD.  Think of 4 people you know that are close to you, there’s a good chance that one of them has an STI or STD and you’d never even know it.  Now look in the mirror, there’s a 25% chance that you have a STD and don’t even know it.  Don’t believe me, well numbers don’t lie.  Still don’t believe me?  Then get tested. You’re a coward if you don’t think you need STD testing, and the world needs less people like you.

Let me guess, you don’t need to get tested because you know you’re clean.  Or you haven’t been with anyone that has an STD so you’re good.  Here’s an eye opener for you.  Many STD’s either have imitating symptoms or absolutely no symptoms at all.  Read that again, I didn’t say mild symptoms, I said NO symptoms whatsoever, that’s a fact. Sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis are known as the imitator, because it has symptoms that resemble much less serious conditions such as bladder infections.  When symptoms like these are present it makes it very hard for a health professional to diagnose without a proper STD screening. let alone an individual self diagnose.  When symptoms reside people think that whatever they had is now cleared and they are healthy, when the reality is that you still have the STD, it’s just now in it’s dormant stage and will eventually lead to very serious consequences if left untreated.

This is not just the case with syphilis, the most common STDs can all easily be misdiagnosed or completely never discovered because of the absence of symptoms.  Infections like gonorrhea, chlamydia, trichomoniasis, and pelvic inflammatory disease, are all STDs that can have no symptoms and cause serious reproductive problems including infertility, especially in women.  This makes STD testing more important than you have ever realized.  That’s the bad news, the good news is that STD testing nowadays is nothing like it used to be.  It is simpler than ever to get get anonymously tested for STDs in today’s world.  A misconception is that STD Testing is sometimes painful and invasive, this used to be the case, but these days all you need is a blood or urine sample at any local labcorp facility.  Also if you do test positive for an STD, it’s not the end of the world.  In a lot of cases it’s not really a big deal at all as many STDs are easily curable with a simple one time dose of antibiotics.

No more excuses that you’re too embarrassed or don’t have insurance to get tested, companies like STD Test Express make it quick, cheap and  anonymous to get tested for any STD.

How do you know if you have an STD?

Most of you won’t admit it but you’re just too scared to get tested for STDs.  Too scared to find out if you really have something and you have to go home and face your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend and tell them that you’re infected and they most likely are too. You’re ashamed at the thought that you may have passed and STD onto your kids.  These are all normal feelings but they aren’t acceptable excuses not to be tested.  You’re an adult, you’re supposed to make right decisions, you’re supposed to set good examples, quit acting like a child out of fear and get tested for the most basic STDs that show little to no symptoms.  Your life and the lives of the ones you love may depend on it.  As far as I’m concerned, if you’re too ignorant to think that you don’t need to be tested for STDs, well the world has enough ignorance and we don’t need people like you.

STD TestingI’ve always preached that prevention of disease is the best treatment plan, well diagnosis is also a pretty big part of any treatment plan.  If you have found this article to be a bit offensive and antagonistic, then I’ve done my job.  I’m not here to attack anyone or say that I’m a better person than you because I know for a fact I’m STD free.  I’m trying to help people realize that things are not always what they seem and the growing number of STI and STD infections is alarming, especially among teenagers.  If you’ve found this article to be provoking and untrue, then prove me wrong and prove yourself right by getting tested soon.  How do you know if you have an STD if you don’t get tested? Until you do, you don’t know.  Fact.

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  1. HealthNut says:

    I found this article to be a bit annoying and frustrating, but I think that’s because you made me realize the truth in that I’m not 100% sure I’m STD free.

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