Why You Should Be Tested For Gonorrhea

Why You Should Be Tested For Gonorrhea

Gonorrhea SymptomsAccording to the CDC, more than 700,000 people contract new cases of gonorrhea each year in the US alone.  It is the second most reported disease in the US.  Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted disease caused by bacteria and is spread through contact with the penis, mouth, vagina or anus. Gonorrhea can also grow in the throat and eyes if exposed and can be passed from mother to baby during child birth.  If this occurs it can be detrimental to a newborn infant.  A baby infected with gonorrhea from it’s mother is at risk for joint infection, blood infection and even blindness.  Though any person who is sexually active is at risk to contract gonorrhea, the highest rates are among young adults, teenagers and the African American populations.  Gonorrhea testing is a painless process that only requires a urine sample.


Gonorrhea Symptoms

Gonorrhea symptoms in men can include burning during urination, discharge from the penis that is either white, yellow or green in color and swollen painful testicles.  It’s common however for men to have no symptoms of gonorrhea whatsoever.  This a big reason why this is such a common and widespread STD, as many people are not aware they are infected and pass it along to their sexual partners.  If symptoms are present they are most commonly within 1 to 14 days after infection is transmitted. If left untreated gonorrhea in men cause epididymitis, which is a painful condition relating to the ducts that are attached to the testicles.  This puts men at risk for becoming infertile.

Gonorrhea symptoms in women are usually mild if present at all.  The truth is that most women who are infected do not have symptoms.  This makes gonorrhea testing crucial for women as a gonorrhea can have serious detrimental effects on newborn babies, even resulting in death of the baby.  If symptoms of gonorrhea are present in women, they can include burning or pain during urination, an increase in vaginal discharge and spotting between periods.  These symptoms are often mistaken for other feminine hygiene issues such as bladder and yeast infections or bacterial vaginosis.  Another reason why gonorrhea testing is especially important in women.  Other complications from untreated gonorrhea in women include infertility and worse pelvic inflammatory disease, a condition that 750,000 women develop in the US each year.  This condition is very serious, especially if you are trying to get pregnant as it can lead to pregnancies outside of the uterus and has a strong chance at leaving you infertile.

Gonorrhea symptoms of rectal infection in both women and men can involve anal itching, discharge, soreness, bleeding and or painful bowel movements.  However it’s also likely to have no symptoms at all.  Symptoms of gonorrhea in the throat are usually not present but can cause a sore throat.

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Gonorrhea Testing

There are much worse STDs to have than gonorrhea.  Gonorrhea treatment is quick and painless with a course of antibiotics in both adults and adolescents.  This doesn’t mean you aren’t susceptible to infection in the future if you are exposed to gonorrhea again.  Because gonorrhea treatment is effective and simple doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take precautions to prevent infection.  There are drug resistant strains of gonorrhea that are increasing in the US and other parts of the world.  This is making it more difficult to treat and may require dual therapy of antibiotics.  One should not be intimidated or scared to be tested for gonorrhea.  Gonorrhea testing and treatment is of the most painless and treatable of all STDs and can have life saving effects if caught and treated. Companies like STDTestExpress.com make it easy, anonymous and affordable to get tested for gonorrhea.  Check out my review of the top 3 online std testing services for guidance on how to utilize these convenient services, some even offer home testing kits for ultimate privacy.



4 Responses to “Why You Should Be Tested For Gonorrhea”

  1. The Jimmer says:

    No reason to be scared of gonorrhea testing people, it’s easily curable if you test positive and with online testing services nobody you know will even know you were tested. Keep spreading the word bro.

  2. Troy C says:

    I’m a grown ass man and had no idea that it was common for stds like gonorrhea to have no symptoms. At first I thought you were trying to use some kind of scare tactic but upon further research you’re right. Guess I’m getting tested soon, thanks man.

  3. MoneyBags says:

    Wow, felt as if you were talking directly to me in this article, I would never get tested unless i had symptoms, not only am i gonna get tested im making my girlfriend and any future girlfriend i have get tested too. 1 in 4 people having an STD is a lot!!!

  4. Cristal says:

    Hey Benjamin, thanks for the $25 off link! Got my results yesterday, negative!! So proud of myself for doing this. Thanks again.

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