Review: Best Home STD Testing Kits Review: Best Home STD Testing Kits review

There are a number of online std testing services available, and while they are all similar in their overall goal to provide anonymous std testing, the top 3 std testing services each offer something the other doesn’t.  In the case of they are unique because of their home std testing kits.

They also have the most locations in the US to get tested, and have streamlined their process to match that of stdtestexpress.comWith over 4,000 locations to get tested at and the offering of home std testing kits, is probably the best complete online std testing service available. 

Their service is built around two things, anonymity and convenience.  Their site is easy to navigate and well laid out with clearly marked options and features.  You can within minutes, sign up for a local test in your area at a lab center or order a home std testing kit.

You do not need an appointment to use the local testing services, meaning you can get same day std testing.  Once you sign up for your tests online, you can visit any approved testing centers in your area at anytime within two weeks.

The lab centers are professional sample collection centers that use hospital standards.  The beauty of being sent to a lab collection center such as LabCorp is that nobody knows why you are there.  You are there to give blood and or urine, and that is all anyone in the waiting room can assume about you.

There is no swabbing or undressing, urine or a blood sample is all that is needed for any test you sign up for.  Once you leave the testing facility you go home and wait to receive your results online, usually within 72 hours.  If you happen to test positive you get free phone consultations with a prescribing physician that will prescribe you the necessary medications you need, as well as discuss treatment options.

Support counselors are also available to help you better understand just what it means to test positive for certain diseases and where to go from there.

The whole service is streamlined very well and works just as advertised.  With testing starting at just $90, you would hard pressed to find another anonymous std testing service that is as convenient, helpful and affordable as  For all pricing and testing options, see here. 

What really sets their service apart from those like is their offering of home std testing kits.

Home STD Testing Kits reviewHome STD testing kits offer the ultimate privacy and anonymity, but sometimes this comes at the expense of accuracy.  Luckily makes it easy to get accurate, private and timely std testing.

You can choose to be tested from a select few STDs from a home testing kit.  Because you wouldn’t want to draw your own blood and send it into a lab, only std tests that require a urine sample are offered as a home std test.  These include standard HIV testing, trichomoniasis, gonorrhea and chlamydia.

The process is simple, sign up for your home std testing kit at and wait for it to arrive in the mail.  It will arrive within 3 days in an unmarked package that will not reveal where it’s from.  The kit has easy to follow directions (see video below) and has a pre-paid return package to conveniently send back.  You’ll then receive your results a online a few days later and the same access to a prescribing physician should you test positive.

The home testing kit is a very simple urine collection sample and if done right will provide the same accuracy as if you were to give your urine sample in a lab.  I personally would choose to visit a lab center however, to ensure that the urine sample isn’t contaminated by myself or during the mailing process.  With the anonymity and privacy provided through the local std testing service, I don’t a huge benefit to the home std testing process over visiting a local testing center.

It definitely makes the most sense for someone who happens to not live near a local testing center to use the home testing service.  See the video below for a walk through on how the process of the home testing kit works.

In conclusion comes highly recommended from myself and it’s many users across the nation.  They are one of the leaders in the online testing services and have the most testing facilities out of all their competition.  What really makes this service successful is the level of anonymity and simplicity that the service provides.  No longer do people have to avoid std testing because they are embarrassed to be seen at a testing clinic.  This service offers complete privacy, allowing you to retrieve your results online and even get access to a physician to take care of all your needs.  Insurance is not needed or accepted, appointments are not needed and nobody will know you were tested but you.  This service makes it equal for everyone to get professional, cheap, anonymous std testing.

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