Online STD Testing Reviews

Online STD Testing Reviews

Online STD Testing

According the CDC (Center for Disease Control) there are over 19 million new infections each year in the United States alone. This is an astonishing number, especially because there are many out of those 19 million that are completely unaware they are infected.

An even more staggering statistic is that 1 in 4 people have an STD. This suggests that 25% of the people you will become intimate with will have an STD. Untreated and undetected STDs increases an individuals risk for HIV and and other serious health complications, including infertility. Not to mention the jeopardy you are putting your partners in by possibly spreading infection to them unknowingly. That’s the bad news, the good news is that it is easier than ever to get affordable and anonymous STD testing.


Where To Get STD Testing

STD TestingSTD testing is very accessible these days. You can always see your primary physician for such testing and may be the best choice if your insurance will cover the visit. If you don’t have insurance there are a number of STD clinics in each city that will take cash, some even will provide free testing but you must be deemed high risk in order to get such care. Many people are too embarrassed to visit their primary care physician and or an STD clinic such as planned parenthood. This is understandable and is what makes online STD Testing such an easy and attractive solution for many.

Companies like allow users to get anonymous STD testing by completing their orders online and getting blood and urine tests at any local Labcorp facility. The best part is your results are delivered to you online and usually within just three days. You can then print your results if you like to show your partner or soon to be partner that you are in fact STD free and not a risk. Labcorp is a professional nationally available and recognized place to get blood drawn and lab work performed. Your doctor has probably sent you to a Labcorp center in the past to get blood or lab work done.

What’s great about Labcorp offices is that they aren’t specific to any certain condition or illness, everyone is their to get their blood drawn and that’s all you really know about everyone there. This provides a great feeling of anonymity when it comes to such a personal issue like sexual health. With over 1,800 Labcorp centers nationwide it’s pretty certain there is one near you.  See below for the top 3 best std testing services that can be found online.


Best Online STD Testing Companies

Below is a quick summary of the top 3 online std testing companies and what makes them unique and successful.  These companies are all very similar in that they emphasize the importance of anonymity.  Each service allows you to sign up online, get your blood or urine sample (no undressing) at a local lab corp or similar company and receive your results online or over the phone just a few days later.  They all offer the opportunity to speak with a physician and be prescribed medications if needed, all without an appointment.  All three of these companies are highly professional and use the same testing procedures that are used in hospitals.

1)   This is a very successful std testing service that has built itself around privacy and convenience.  They offer more testing locations than any other service (4,000 nationwide) but what really sets them apart is their offering of at home std testing kits.  This is only offered on select tests, but allows you to receive an unmarked home test kit within three days of ordering with full instructions on how to provide a sample, then simply mail back in the prepaid packaging and receive your results online within a few days.

2)  This company is very similar to as I have outlined in the above paragraphs.  They only work with Lab Corp testing centers, which are very professional and reputable.  They also are built around privacy and have the same online signup process and physician access as  They do not however offer any kind of home std testing kits, which can sometimes be a good thing.  You want to ensure that your test is accurate so being tested by a professional in a professional environment is the best option for decreasing risk of error and contamination.  You can get $25 off your order from STDTestExpress here.

3)  This company offers similar services to the ones above, but also offers testing beyond just std tests.  At this site you can sign up for a variety of tests at local testing centers including pregnancy, allergy, DNA and many other tests including gender specific issues, such as Low T.  A good service to use if your doctor has requested you to get some tests done or you just want to skip the whole doctor process in general and get tested for what you want to know.  If you are looking to get tested for STD’s I recommend going with one of the services above as they seem to have been able to streamline their process a bit better and offer more testing locations.


Who Should Get STD Testing

Anybody who is sexually active should be tested for STDs. Especially if you have or are about to have a new sex partner, getting tested together can be a great way to show each other you care and are clean. Young people should especially be tested as they make up twenty five percent of all sexually active humans, yet are responsible for nearly 50 percent of all new STD infections. With that said, STDs do not discriminate, they affect people of all ages, races, ethnicities, religions and sexual orientations. Anyone can contract an STD, you’re obviously at a higher risk by having unprotected sex.


Online STD Testing Means No Excuses

Many people are afraid to find out if they have an STD or not. With 19 million new cases each year it’s ignorant to think you’re not at risk. I asked a partner in the past to be tested for STDs and she used the excuse that she didn’t have insurance. Well with services like STDTestExpress that are cheap, quick and available to everyone, there really are not any excuses to not get tested. I informed her of the service and got tested with her, just like many couples (or friends with benefits) are doing.

The truth is that many STDs are treatable and curable, including the most common STDs, gonorrhea, chlamydia and syphilis. Not knowing if you have an STD is putting yourself and your loved ones at great risk for further serious health issues. If you’re too embarrassed or shy to see your doctor or clinic to get tested, try an anonymous STD testing service like the ones above for a great reliable way to ease your mind about your sexual health.

STD Testing


7 Responses to “Online STD Testing Reviews”

  1. Juan says:

    Those are indeed alarming statistics. I think what is even more alarming are the numbers of persons infected with the HPV virus (human papillomavirus). The last statistic I heard was that one out of every three persons has HPV and many of them might not even know it. What everyone should know about this STD is that there are more than 40 HPV types that can infect the genital areas of males and females. Recently, I saw a print ad in the news paper that advertised a product which claims to be able to treat three types of the virus. I think it treats outbreaks, but there still is no cure for HPV. I am very happy about there being STD testing online because it is the embarrassment that keeps most people from getting tested for Sexually transmitted diseases. This is something that sexually active people should do regularly. Maybe now they will as this information and this site grows in popularity, as I hope it will.

  2. STD Free Me says:

    I’ve used It was a good experience, fast and anonymous, with great online reports. Thank god there are services like this or I don’t think I would ever get tested.


  3. Donald says:

    I think the greatest thing about how online STD testing is organized is that you can go to a local lab that provides blood testing services for all types of things including drug screening. So for all anyone there knows, you could be present for a drug screening for your job and this provide a favorable kind of anonymity for those who might be worried about the possible embarrassment of going to a clinic for an STD test. I hope online STD tests become very popular so that the spread of sexually transmitted diseases will be significantly reduced.

  4. Mary says:

    I am so happy to learn there are general blood testing centers I can go to instead of having to attend the health and family clinic, which can be so embarrassing to experience as you sit in the waiting room with other sexually active people and you know everyone is wondering the same thing about everyone else there. You can’t help but feel embarrassed as you think that they are wondering what STD is it that you may have. The only relief is when you get a clean bill of health, but that does not prevent you from having to experience such stress. The one thing I am unclear about is the blood test kits. Do these kits enable you to take your blood from home and mail it in and does this relieve you of having to go to a blood testing center all together?

    • Benjamin says:

      Hi Mary, No you do not ever take your own blood at home and send it in. What makes this service unique is you order your std tests online and they send you to a local lab corp facility and they professionally and safely draw your blood, then you receive your results online a few days later. No one even knows why you’re there. Be very cautious of home std testing kits. Thanks for the comment!

  5. Bryan says:

    This is a fantastic development! I do not know how long this type of service or system has been around, but I am glad I found out about it. This I know: many persons are living with fear and uncertainty about not knowing whether they have contracted an STD and are too embarrassed to go and get checked. This service is a major relief to many. Now they can for the first time, feel confident about taking action to get diagnosed and treated, myself included.

  6. Satto says:

    I feel, everybody now-a-days needs to undergo STD tests. If one out of every four is likely to be affected by any form of STD then most likely that you are infected.

    People mostly focus on complete privacy, but what they should focus more on is accuracy of results.

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