Reading Eggs Review: Teach Your Child To Read With Online Games

Reading Eggs Review: Teach Your Child To Read With Online Games

Every parent wants the best for their child when it comes to education.  Teaching a child to read can be frustrating for both parents and children and causes children to associate reading with unpleasantness at a young age.  Reading needs to be taught in a way that demonstrates the value to which reading provides.

Reading expands the imagination and the capacity to learn new concepts and facts.  Learning should never be a frustrating experience though far too many children become frustrated with learning how to read at a young age.

They fall behind in school with their reading level and their self esteem plummets as their held back or labeled as ‘not a proficient reader”.  Though school is the primary place that children learn to read and is where parents expect their children to learn to read, not every kid learns to read at the same pace.

This is where online reading programs can play a huge role in developing the reading skills at a very young age, starting with pre-school.

Reading Eggs Review is a site that teaches children how to read through online games.  It is the #1 learn to read phonics program on the web and has a proven track record of success of teaching children to read from ages 3 to 13.

Reading Eggs focuses on making reading fun by offering individual one on one courses that allows children to progress at their own rate.  At just 20 minutes a day, children can log on to the site and feel as if they are playing games and not being compared to anyone else when it comes to progress and reading level.

Some of the reasons why Reading Eggs has become so successful are listed below, but the main reason is simply because it works and it frees up the time of parents having to provide frustrating home tutor sessions.

  • Reading Eggs is based on the most up to date research on how children learn to read.
  • The lessons are animated, and are reward based to keep children motivated.
  • The program is completely interactive, holding the childs complete attention at all times, keeping them on task.
  • Children are eager to learn more because they are having fun as they learn.
  • Upon starting the program, children can complete a placement quiz to ensure they are starting at the correct reading level.

See here for more on Reading Eggs, including all pricing and sample lessons.

I have seen the program work for many children who were struggling to maintain their current grades reading level.  I even have some friends who started their kids on the Reading Eggs program at the same time they started pre-school to give them a bit of a head start and to ensure that they wouldn’t need to be held back during elementary school.

I highly suggest that every parent does this as it is very detrimental to a childs confidence to be held back a grade, seeing all of their classmates and friends advance.

The Reading Eggs program can be done along with your child or once the child understands how to use the program they can completely do it on their own meaning you don’t have to be the bad parent that is forcing your child to learn how to read.

I can’t tell you how many arguments and tissy fits I witnessed watching my mother trying to help my younger brother learn to read.  All it did was cause him to hate the idea of reading and her to be stressed out.  Programs like Reading Eggs that teach children how to read online solve both of these common problems, while truly allowing children to learn to read in a fun setting.

Reading Eggs Free Trial and Pricing

Reading Eggs ReviewReading eggs offers sample lessons and a 14 day free trial.  My advice is to sign up for the free trial and let your child give it a whirl.  If they show genuine interest then you really owe it to them to sign up for the program which is very very affordable.

I feel every parent needs to do what’s best for their child, in every aspect of their life.  Education is very important and establishing a strong ability to read not only sets up children for success but it gives them the confidence that they are smart and encourages them to want to read and learn more.

There are many phonics programs available on the web, in my opinion what sets Reading Eggs apart is that it allows children to learn in a stress free fun environment at their own pace.  If your child is struggling with their reading level or you are a teacher looking to implement this program into your classroom then check out to see if it’s a good fit.  It’s very affordable, your child may thank you someday.

I hope this Reading Eggs review, was helpful to those looking for a good source in teaching their children to read online.  Please share this article via the social buttons below to help spread the word of such a wonderful tool for parents, teachers and children alike.


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