Quality Health: Free Product Samples And Coupons

Quality Health: Free Product Samples And Coupons

I’ve been meaning to put up a post about Quality Health for a while now, they are truly one of the best FREE resources available on the web, and I wanted to make more people aware of what they have to offer.  Quality Health is a health and wellness site that has a plethora of information on nearly any health topic you can imagine.  It’s also much more than that however.

It’s an online community where people can discuss their health issues with other patients and doctors.  They also have a ton of FREE offers available simply for being a subscriber to their mailing list, more on that below.

I have personally been a member (membership is free) of Quality Health for a few years now.  I stumbled upon a few years ago when I was having sciatica pain and wanted to see what other people with this condition were doing for treatment.  Not only was I able to interact with other sufferers, but there are many doctors who patrol the forums and offer their expertise which is a very good resource in itself.

I’ve been amazed at how much their site has grown over the last few years to encompass nearly every medical condition, disease, ailment that you can think of.  This includes gender specific conditions that are very common and they have an extensive library and resource section on women’s health.

Some of the best ways in which I think everybody can use the Quality Health website and the easiest ways to receive their free offers are outlined below.

Coupons and Samples Galore

quality health free samples and couponsIf you’re a bargainer when it comes to health and everyday household items then you’ve got to utilize the offers that Quality Health has.  I can’t tell you how many times I get a coupon or free sample offer emailed to my inbox that I actually end up using. Sometimes I even wait to see what coupons they have available each week before doing my shopping.

They have great coupons available on everyday household items that we all actually use.  Coupons for laundry detergents, cereal, toiletries and personal hygiene products are delivered to your inbox each week, for free.  All that they require from you is that you sign up for their “healthy living” newsletter.

So you get insights on ways to live healthy from their newsletter as well as cost savings from their exclusive coupons and free sample offers.  It’s truly a win-win, no gimmicks, no catch.  Did I mention this is one of my favorite online resources?

You can sign up for their healthy living newsletter to receive their coupons and sample deals, here.

Assessments and Recommendations

As I mentioned before, the Quality Health site has information on nearly every health topic imaginable and a community of support behind each topic.  Being able to interact with other people who are dealing with the same health condition as you, is an invaluable resource in itself.

Finding out what works for them and what hasn’t treatment wise, as well as just knowing that you are not alone in your suffering, is where this resource really demonstrates its value.

They also have great assessments and surveys that help determine where you could be at risk for certain diseases and ailments.  They also provide great suggestions and resources for preventing any issues that you may be at risk for.  If you’ve read any of the material on my site before you’ll know how hard I stress prevention as the best cure for any disease or ailment and Quality Health understands that as well.

I recommend taking their “How Healthy Am I” survey for a good insight into where you’re at with your overall health and wellness, and some suggestions for how to improve high risk areas.  They even give you a free low calorie recipe book just for doing the survey and if you check the box at the end that you want to receive their healthy living newsletter, you’ll receive all of the coupon and sample offers I’ve mentioned above.

It’s a quick survey that I like doing about once a year just to see where I’m at health wise.  It keeps me honest and focused on my wellness goals and maintenance.

How Will You Use Quality Health’s Resources?

The greatest thing about this resource is that you can use it anyway you want and it’s always free for everyone.  Some people simply use it for their free samples and coupons, while others like to really engage on the site and offer and receive quality health advice.

Everyone will find something useful from this resource and I wanted to let it be known to my visitors, of it’s existence.  There are few quality free resources like the value that Quality Health offers, take a look at their site and see what it has to offer for you.

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