How To Deal With Anxiety

How To Deal With Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are very prominent among humans, and I wanted to make a post about a great resource that helps individuals cope with stress and anxiety.

Surely everyone has experienced some level of stress and anxiety in their lives.  For some this is something that is battled with daily and is very hard to cope with.  It affects your mental health, physical health, people around you and your overall quality of life.

Being a psychology major in college I learned a lot about coping with anxiety and stress, particularly how most anxiety is derived from the mind and the pressures of society.

There is an abundance of resources to cope with anxiety available on this planet.  One of my favorites and most popular resources available online to anyone comes from the Midwest Center for stress and anxiety.  You can read more about why I like this program so much below, as well as how to get a free trial of their self help resources.


Midwest Center For Coping With Stress and Anxiety

How To Deal with stress and anxietyThe Midwest Center for stress and anxiety relief has been around for nearly 30 years and has helped over 1 million people overcome their feelings of anxiety, depression and the stress that is related to that.  What I really like about their program is their unique self-help approach that combines audio and visual resources and courses that simply work.

You’ve probably heard of the midwestcenter before on shows like Oprah, Regis and Kelly, Self magazine and Prevention magazine, what most people don’t realize is that they offer a free trial of their program and if you’re suffering from anxiety you really have nothing to lose by giving it a try.

What I love about this program is that it teaches you how anxiety is derived from within the mind.  Until you realize that anxiety and stress are most usually ego derived from the mind, you can’t begin to change the way you view the things that are causing you stress.  The Midwest Center program teaches you how to recognize the thoughts, behaviors and actions that are actually encouraging feelings of anxiety.

Developed by Lucinda Bassett, a former anxiety sufferer and Dr. Philip Fisher MD in 1983, Midwest Center has over time become a highly popular and worldwide recognized solution for dealing with stress and anxiety.


The program is broken up into weekly audio courses accompanied with a workbook.  The courses are spread out over 15 weeks, the last thing you want from an anxiety relief program is to feel overwhelmed that you have to much to tackle upfront.

The weekly courses build upon each other, are simple to follow and give you a sense of accomplishment as you work through them with the workbook.  The courses are designed to help you recognize behaviors and thought patterns that are recurring when you are experiencing stress and anxiety.

Once you have learned to recognize how your mind creates anxiety and how your reaction to that anxiety intensifies it, you can begin to recondition the way you view the things that used to cause you anxiety as you realize that they are merely false realities created by your egoistic mind.  Currently there is a free trial offer that allows anyone to test the program for two weeks, risk free.

Carry Along Cards

Each course has what is called a “carry along card” which is essentially a card you can carry around with you to remind you what you have learned in this weeks course and reminders of how to retain positive focus of the highlights of each course.  I think that this is one of the most powerful aspects of the program as it is something you can carry with you in your purse or pocket and instantly have a feeling of security that you are not alone.

Each weekly course has it’s own audio lesson, workbook and carry along card.  There is a reason why this program has become so successful and helped so many people overcome their fears and feelings of stress, anxiety and depression.

I think the reason the Midwest Center program is so successful is because it allows people to get help with their anxiety issues from the comfort and privacy of their own home, yet they are never alone in this journey.  The program also gives you full access to a community of fellow anxiety sufferers and Midwest Center users, so that you never feel alone in your journey and progress.  You can access these forums and resources anytime and hearing the success stories and input from others going through the same issues you are, helps dramatically.

You have the privacy of dealing with anxiety from within your home on your own time, with all the support from over 1 million people who have used the program already.  This and the fact that the audio sessions are constructed from a group setting helps give you a sense of belonging and comfort that you are not alone.

People will find relief from anxiety in many different ways.  For some it will be from a single book, a friend, a hobby, meditation, the possibilities are endless.  However if you are seeking a proven system, have tried everything else or just don’t know where to start in seeking anxiety relief, then I encourage you to sign up for the Midwest Center free trial here.  You”ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.  I hope this resource helps those looking for how to deal with stress and anxiety, find true relief.  Be sure to share this article via the social buttons below.

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