Lumosity Brain Exercises Review

Lumosity Brain Exercises Review

Lumosity Review

I have been a lumosity user for just about six months now and thought it was finally time to get a lumosity review up of what is one of my most favorite personal wellness resources.  There is plenty of research and articles on the benefits of brain exercises, but until you actually see the benefits for yourself you’ll never realize just how important brain fitness really is.  There are currently over 14 million users on and there is a number of reasons why this site is the most popular.  I am going to outline in detail just what exactly offers and what my experience has been with it over the past half year.

First off I want to point out that lumosity is not just a site to go and play brain games, it is much more than that.  There a plethora of free brain game sites on the internet that are no more than just a bunch of random games thrown on a site with no real purpose.  The design and layout of lumosity is more like courses with games that have been developed by leading expert neuroscientists and cognitive psychologists from top universities such as Stanford, Berkeley and UCSF.  The site and programs are very well designed, with a purpose, that are personalized for you specifically.

Lumosity offers brain training that targets the following areas:

  • Memory
  • Problem Solving
  • Flexibility
  • Speed
  • Attention

You can enroll yourself in courses based of one of the categories above and there are numerous activities and games within each specialty, well over 40 games and assessments total.  Each game gets harder and harder as you progress, it took me almost the full six months to finally be able to complete a few of the games with maximum score, a sure sign that the training works.


Lumosity is Personalized

Lumosity ReviewThe thing I really like about lumosity and perhaps one of its separating qualities from other sites is the way in which it personalizes your training.  There are numerous assessments you can choose to take to help gauge where your brain could most benefit from training.  When you first sign up there is a questionnaire that immediately gets information about your current state of brain health and goals and desires for using lumosity.  This helps you get personalized recommendations on where to start once you are signed up.  I really like the reporting and tracking features as well that you’ll find in the “brain profile” area of the site.  Every task, game, assessment and score that you complete is tracked and presented to you in easy to comprehend reports.  It’s really cool to be able to compare yourself to others in your demographic as well as see how you are progressing over time and what areas you are better in compared to others.  Lumosity calls this your BPI (Brain Performance Index) and it’s presented in a way that is easy and fun to see your strengths and weaknesses compared to millions of other lumosity users.  This gives you a sense of accomplishment and direction as you can visually see that you are progressing and that the training is working.  It’s great feedback and a great way to gauge how you are doing compared to other brain fitness models across the globe.


Assessing Your Strengths

Another aspect that sets this program apart is the assessments they provide.  There are nearly 20 assessments that are designed to get a fix on where you are cognitively in each of the five areas of memory, attention, speed, flexibility and problem solving.  These not only allow you to see where you are strong and where you could use some training, but it also plays a big role in personalizing the experience for you and starting you off on the difficulties that will fit you best.  Lumosity understands that the levels of brain fitness is different for every individual, this all depends on age, education level, and current occupation roles.  There is no brain game that is truly beneficial for every person.  In order to gain true benefits from games for the brain, you must be challenged at the proper level and continue to be challenged as you progress.  The scientists at Lumosity seems to have a great understanding of this and they do a good job delivering a custom tailored experience through impressive assessment games.


Courses For Medical Conditions And More

Lumosity Brain ExercisesThis section of the site really impressed me.  Lumosity offers courses geared to those who have specific medical conditions, to help them recover and or progress through them.  The courses and conditions include those who deal with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) and cancer patients that are recovering from the effects of chemotherapy.  As with all of the games and brain exercises, these have been developed by leading neuroscientists and doctors, designed to help people who struggle with these conditions and can offer rehabilitating effects and benefits.  Lumosity also understands that these medical conditions are private and the results and enrollment status of each of these courses do not show in each users public profile to provide confidentiality.  Personally I’ve always kind of suspected that I have some sort of ADHD, and have really enjoyed and benefitted from these courses designed to improve attention span and focus.

There are also courses designed for particular professions and stages of life.  The scholar program are courses that are designed for students wishing to benefit from the ability to study easier and learn quicker. There are even courses designed for those who are studying to take a particular standardized exam including the LSAT, SAT, PSAT and many others.    Courses like “peak performace” are meant to really challenge someones ability across all modalities.  I like to compare this to the cross training mode on an elliptical machine or exercise bike, it’s challenging with ups and downs in degrees of difficulty and will leave you with a sense of accomplishment once completed.  Of course there are courses designed for beginners, the elderly and the young as well.



If you weren’t aware Lumosity is a membership based site and I totally understand why.  Simply put they are the best the web has to offer and should get paid for the amount of detail, quality and personalization that this site offers.  Membership is very cheap, around $6.60 per month with discounts being offered on annual and family pack purchases.  The family memberships are a great deal allowing you to have 5 separate users for $10 a month, at $2 per person it’s a great way to share and connect with your family or close friends.

There is a free 30 day trial period in which you don’t pay a penny if you don’t see the benefits of being a paid member.  You can start off with a free trial, by creating an account here.  Let’s be honest with ourselves there are a ton of “free brain games” online to play, but have you been playing them with regularity?  Have they been tracking your performance and guiding you in the right direction?  We as humans value things that cost us money, by subscribing to a paid service like this, it keeps us accountable to get our moneys worth by actually using the service.  It’s a great way to ensure you’ll do the training, as no one wants to feel guilty paying for something they don’t use.  They offer the ability to cancel at anytime as well, no long term contracts or hoop-lah gimmicks surrounding billing.


Give Lumosity As A Gift

This is the perfect kind of gift for someone you love, as it’s kind of one of those gifts where people really appreciate it as it’s something they wouldn’t normally spend their own money on.  Clothes, accessories and physical products are too tempting when it comes to spending our own money.  Giving someone a year subscription to lumosity is a great way to show them you care and is a unique kind of gift that I know my family members have really appreciated.  I purchased a subscription for my aging father and at first he was a bit confused and even a little offended, but once he actually tried it out he thanked me again, it’s a fun way for him to feel alive and thriving, a sometimes new feeling for an aging senior.  I hope this lumosity review has given you a solid idea of what to expect and what they have to offer.  I strongly encourage everyone to at least utilize the free trial they offer to see for yourself why over 14 million people are subscribed to this program.  As always I welcome your comments below, best of health.

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3 Responses to “Lumosity Brain Exercises Review”

  1. CharlesT says:

    Thanks for the detailed review, just signed up for my free trial and having a blast so far with the games. It’s clear these exercises are professionally designed, cool stuff.

  2. Sandy says:

    Great review of lumosity. I gave this to my grandmother as a gift, she thinks its the greatest thing since sliced bread, cause she gets to use the computer and feels as if she’s getting smarter. Still not gonna let her drive though 🙂

  3. Benjamin says:

    @Sandy, haha, yeah my parents love it too, makes such a great gift. I think it makes them feel involved somehow and I actually have seen an improvement in my dads memory, before he couldn’t remember anyones name to save his life!

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