The Importance Of Brain Exercises

The Importance Of Brain Exercises


Everyone has heard the quote from Einstein, that it is believed we only use 10% of our brains.  While the exact percentage will probably forever remain a mystery, it is clear that we don’t use our brains anywhere close to their immense capabilities.  There are many factors that contribute to this but perhaps the easiest to recognize is that we as humans become stagnant and few realize that we have the ability to perform brain exercises.

Like muscles in our bodies, if the brain isn’t used (exercised) it doesn’t thrive or grow.  When muscles are being strained, exercised or used, they become static, remaining the same and even sometimes beginning to diminish (atrophy).  The same is true when it comes to the brain, yet people are much more interested in working out their arms than they are their minds.

When we are young we are surrounding by stimulating experiences that contribute to our knowledge base and the development of our brain.  School is a major source of this, curiosity is another, yet something happens as we get older and “settle down“.

We finish schooling and get a job, start a family and develop a routine, and for many this is where life ends really.  We play out this routine until the end of our time on this planet, consider our lives a success and don’t really think twice about how well we used our brain, or to how fit we maintained it.

Sadly if you’ll look around you’ll notice that this is how many people end up going through life.  A boom of development, growth, curiosity and learning up to their mid-twenties, all working towards reaching a goal or monotony and routine, only to maybe eventually realize that they miss the days of having an eager desire to learn and progress their mind further.

For those of us that have fallen into this trap of monotony and realize their brain is indeed in need of exercise, there are many different ways you can exercise the brain.  Learning something new is a great brain exercise that challenges the brain and makes it work.  Examples are learning a new language or skill, or even just learning something new about a topic you never knew about before, like the the benefits of brain exercises.

Brain Exercises

Brain GamesBrain exercises have immense benefits, and are very simple to do at the same time  Perhaps the easiest and most fun way to perform brain exercises is to play brain games.  Simple video games and puzzles that are designed to stimulate the brain and challegene it can have profound effects on the overall health of your brain and function.

Perhaps the most desired and profound result of doing brain exercises is a significant improvement in memory.  As we get older our memories decline, we get forgetful, we misplace our keys, we forget birthdays (sometimes our own), it’s all part of our stagnant lifetstyle that our brains begin to decline in function.  This fact alone has made brain exercises and brain games hugely popular among the senior population.

Brain games are not strenuous or hard, if a senior can do it, you can do it.  Something as simple as doing a crossword puzzle or filling out a sudoku book are great ways to stimulate the brain.  There are also a host of companies that have websites that allow you to play highly developed brain games at your pace, all while tracking your progress and detailing where your brain could use more exercise.  My favorite resource for exercising my brain is

What I like about Lumosity is that they have a simple web based design that allows you to log in from anywhere and play games from where you left off and track your progress.  They are one of the biggest brain exercise companies, that have their material developed from scientists from Stanford and UCSF and there’s a reason why they are so popular.  It’s also free to create an account.  See my Lumosity Review for more information.

Creativity is another benefit from exercising the brain, it has been proven that we are capable of rerouting neural pathways in the brain through such brain exercises and cognitive strain, which can lead to greater creativity and emerging ideas of approaching things.  There have also been studies that have suggested that keeping the brain fit can prevent brain related illnesses such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

The ability to focus attention is another proven benefit of brain exercises.  Many of us feel we have a mild form of attention deficit disorder and truthfully I have felt this way about myself for years.  With social media and smart phones these days it’s so hard to give focus to something without being interrupted by someone or something trying to pull our attention away.

I have noticed a significant increase in my ability to retain focus on tasks since incorporating brain games into my fitness regimen.  It’s so easy to do this 5 minutes a day, personally I like to do it right when I wake up and go on the computer to check my email and usual sites, it’s a great way to wake up the brain and get ready for the day.

Try Games For The Brain

Is there anything really more important in our body than our brains?  Our brain regulates every motor and cognitive function we have, yet people don’t even begin to think how to best take care of them.  We are so eager to hit the gym and work on our beach muscles but after someone gets past our perfect body, its our brain they are truly connecting with, shouldn’t we want it to be as sharp as possible?

The way I see it, we are truly blessed to be alive, to be the dominant species, and to have such a complex and potentially limitless brain at our disposal, we’d be foolish not to take care of it and use it to the best of our ability.

Do yourself a favor and create a free account at Lumosity or another related site and start your day off with a brain exercise or two, you have nothing to lose.  I think you’ll quickly notice not only how fun, but how beneficial these games and exercises are to your health and wellness.

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  1. BrainMaster says:

    It’s very true, we are so quick to workoout our bodies but choose to neglect our minds, what’s really more important? I discovered brain games a few years ago and have seen tremendous benefits, I just feel sharper.

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