Choosing the Best Multivitamin For Men

Choosing the Best Multivitamin For Men

Best Multivitamin For Men

I get asked all the time from friends, family and visitors to this site, “what is the best multivitamin for men?”  Well I get asked the same for women too but what I’ve come to discover is that so many people make the same mistake when choosing a multivitamin supplement, and it’s such a simple one that it’s kind of mind baffling.  They don’t realize that there are multivitamins that are geared toward each gender and this is where you should start in choosing your multivitamin.  Step one is to realize what gender you are and thus only focus on supplements that are meant for your sex.

I know this sounds ridiculously obvious but I can’t tell you how many people I’ve come across that are taking a generic multivitamin meant for anyone and any gender.  Now that doesn’t mean that they aren’t gaining some benefit from taking it as every human has similar nutritional needs but if you’re going to spend your money you may as well get the most bang for your buck and get a product that is going to give you the most complete therapeutic benefit and support.  Here is my essential outline for choosing the best multivitamin for men.

  • Ensure the multivitamin is all natural and whole food based.
  • Choose organic anytime you can.
  • Look for ingredients that support prostate health, mainly saw palmetto and nettle seed.
  • Choose a product that has digestive enzymes or digestion support.
  • Probiotics are a must, make sure the multivitamin has them, specifically Lactobacilli (L. acidophilus, L. bifidus, L. rhamnosus)
  • Choose a product that fits your age group, most brands offer an above and below 40 years old formula.


Hand’s down the best multivitamin for men comes from New Chapter and similar brands which meets all of the above requirements and strives to put a high quality therapeutically beneficial product on the market.  A live price comparison from amazon is shown below.

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Whole Foods vs Synthetic

best multivitamin for menMost of the vitamin and supplement products on the market are synthetic based meaning they aren’t 100% natural.  Most of the multivitamin supplements you’ll find at stores like target or other drug stores have synthetic derived ingredients and fillers and the body does not recognize these as food.  When the body doesn’t think something is food or of nutritional value it eliminates it as quickly as possible either through urine, feces or perspiration.

A whole foods based vitamin is food so the body treats it as such and not only digests but absorbs it in the small intestine for nutritional benefit.  Needless to say if you’re taking a supplement that isn’t recognized by your body as food well then you are literally pissing your money away.  Also by taking a whole food derived supplement you don’t have to worry about taking it with food, because it is food, you can easily take it on an empty stomach.


Prostate Support

This element is really what separates a mens multivitamin from just any generic multivitamin.   Without prostate support you aren’t getting what men really need because problems with the prostate, both prostate cancer and BPH (enlarged prostate) are very common among men.   In fact it’s been said that every man would suffer from an enlarged prostate if he lived long enough.

Saw Palmetto is known as the “prostate herb” and is a must have ingredient in a mens multivitamin, especially for men that are over the age of 40.  This herb has been shown to treat an enlarged prostate as well as help prevent it from becoming enlarged.  Nettle seed is another good natural source for prostate health.  Look for a supplement that has a prostate support blend like the one in New Chapters Every Man.


Probiotics Too

Probiotics are most known for being found in yogurt and are essentially good bacteria for your stomach.  This bacteria gives a boost to the normal flora that is in your stomach and provides increased support for your digestive and immune system.  In fact the majority of your immune system takes place in the gut where most foreign things enter the body.  Look for a multivitamin with probiotics, specifically of the Lactobacilli strand, for increased digestive support.  Tip, take probiotics before a meal to greatly reduce after meal flatulence.


Is It Organic?

Look you’ve come this far in choosing the best multivitamin for men, you may as well ensure that the supplement you are putting in your body is organic.  The benefits of this ensure that you aren’t putting anything foreign or chemical in your body. You want something free of pesticides, you want food.  New Chapter’s brand of vitamins (as outlined above) is made from 100% organic fruits and vegetables, which is something most of us do not get from our diet.


Energy Support

Multivitamins should provide you with energy from the B vitamins but if you’re especially active or are looking for more of a boost from your vitamin then get a product that has a proprietary energy blend.  This will usually come in the form of maca root or chamomile flower.


 Don’t Skimp

This is your health we’re talking about, nothing should be as important.  Opting for a cheaper generic product is only a waste of money and a false sense of nourishment.  With there being so many choices on the shelf for supplements and vitamins alone, it can be quite overwhelming trying to decide which one is best, though everyone can benefit from taking a multivitamin supplement, if you have specific health conditions in which you are trying alleviate through supplementation I highly suggest seeing my article on, what vitamins should I take.   If you are simply looking for the best multivitamin for men, follow the guidelines above and you can’t go wrong in ensuring you’re getting true therapeutic benefits from your daily vitamin supplement.


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  1. #1Dad says:

    Great Recommendation, I’ve been taking New Chapters line of products for years, nothing really seems to come close to their quality, I’ve definitely noticed an increase in energy with this multivitamin. Cheers.

  2. Albert S says:

    Thanks for outlining this info, I’ve been going about my multivitamin approach all wrong, very please with my new mens one a day from new chapter.

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