Best Constipation Remedy for Dogs

Best Constipation Remedy for Dogs

Constipation In Dogs

Constipation in dogs is much more common than owners realize.  It’s very hard for dogs to communicate with their owners, so it can be hard to notice when your pet or dog is indeed constipated.  Dog constipation can lead to more serious conditions (i.e expensive) involving bowel obstructions, not to mention can be very uncomfortable and painful for your dog.  There are a few causes of constipation in dogs but mainly it comes down to hydration issues.  Make sure your dog always has an accessible and refreshed water bowl.  Though sometimes a dog with adequate water supply will still become dehydrated and constipated because it’s body is removing too much water through urination or sweating.

Consuming more water does not necessarily correct dehydration and constipation, sometimes a supplement is needed to get your dog regular again. Inadequate fiber and nutriment from their diet is another primary cause of dog constipation.  Imagine having to eat the same foods every meal like dogs do, your body would get used to and tired of it too!

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Signs of Dog Constipation

Any dog will be quick to give signs that they are constipated.  If you’re the one responsible for cleaning up their poop, you should quickly notice as well (if you’re keeping up on your chores).  A constipated dog will exhibit signs of being uneasy or uncomfortable.  This can include excessive barking or whining, refusing to eat and even difficulty walking or running.  Excessive requests to go outside is another tell tale sign of constipation in dogs.  If you see your dog walking around the backyard straining to poop, then it’s time to get them some help as this can cause hemorrhoids and further problems such as rectal bleeding and infection.  There are great and cheap natural stool softeners for dogs and pets and should be used as your first line of defense against dog constipation before taking on a hefty vet bill for them to tell you the same thing.

Dog Constipation Remedy

Best Dog Constipation Remedy

Definitely do NOT give your dog human over the counter constipation supplements, such as stool softeners or stimulant laxatives.  These are not meant for animals and can have serious adverse side effects.  Unfortunately there aren’t a whole lot of dog constipation remedies, however in the few that are out there, I have found one that is credible and has worked great for my great dane (Zeus) in the past.  Natural Moves For Pets is a great natural stool softener that will get your dog out of his rut.

Native Remedies is a very reputable brand and this product is specially designed for dogs and cats.  It’s 100% safe, natural and cheap.  The remedy comes in capsule form which can easily be opened and mixed in with a dogs food or water.  I always have a bottle around for you never know when your dog will need a little help getting regular again.  I can tell Zeus really appreciates it and I think your dog will as well.  Constipation in dogs is easily treatable and managed if caught early, keep an eye on your pets bowel habits and help them out with a natural supplement when needed.

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