Emergency Food Supply: Do You Have One?

Emergency Food Supply: Do You Have One?

Emergency preparedness is something that we all know is important, but how many of us actually do anything about it?  With the increasing amount of natural disasters and terrorism threats, you’d be a fool to not have an emergency preparedness plan or at least have some sort of emergency food supply.

It’s very simple and affordable to get a quality emergency food supply, I’ve done a lot of research on this after forcing myself to get some an emergency food supply and survival kit a few months ago.  I’ve thought of doing this many times over the years, yet never acted on it, after all who wants to spend money on something you hopefully never have to use?

Recently it seems that natural disasters have been occurring more frequently and with greater severity.  After seeing how they leave families struggling to find food and stay alive I finally eased my conscious a bit by buying an emergency food supply package that will provide food and water for 6 months for myself and my family.

I gotta say I do sleep better at night knowing that if we’re stuck in our house without power for months, we’d be able to survive, no problem.  Living in earthquake country (California) I’m well aware that a natural disaster can strike at any moment, and though I’m hopeful I’ll never have to use my emergency food supply, my conscious is rested knowing I’m prepared.

I want to inform you on how you can be prepared as well and what you should have to be prepared for an emergency or terror threat that leaves you without access to food sources and other survival supplies.

Every emergency kit should have essentials such as flashlights, batteries, blankets, matches, tools, etc.  There is a great guide on FEMA’s website that recommends what everyone should have in their survival kit, but probably the most important thing that people seem to undervalue when constructing their kits and planning their survival is food.

Most people either forget about food altogether thinking they will have access to it during a disaster, or they well underestimate how much food they will need to keep themselves and their families alive.

Emergency Food Supply

There is a plethora of emergency food suppliers that package freeze dried MRE’s (meal ready to eat).  These are the same meals that soldiers eat while deployed, as they are freeze dried, making them very quick to make (just add hot water), have a long shelf life, and can provide a surprisingly sufficient amount of nutrition.  Not all emergency food supplies are created equally however. Below is what you should look for in a supplier as well as a recommendation (and coupon) for the company I used.   

Shelf Life and Storage

The last thing you want when disaster strikes is to find that your food supply has expired and is unusable.  You also don’t want to have to worry about rotating the food supply to ensure freshness, essentially your emergency food supply should be a set it and forget it process, that you don’t have to think about again until it’s time to eat it.  Look for products that have a long shelf life, 25 years is about as long as you’re gonna find, I wouldn’t buy anything that doesn’t maintain its freshness for at least that long.  Also make sure the product you’re gonna buy states that you do not have to rotate the supply to maintain freshness.  This shouldn’t be an issue as long as the food comes in a sealed, sturdy plastic bucket, that is both weatherproof and seals in freshness.


Quality of your emergency food supply matters, if it isn’t going to provide a decent amount of nutriment then what’s the point?  Taste is also a factor, if you’ve never had an MRE before, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how tasty many of them are.  It’s truly amazing, some of them taste just like home cooking.  Make sure that your emergency food supply is of high quality by doing a little research on their recipes and packaging process.  Lastly, try the product first before buying in bulk to ensure it’s to your liking.  Many top suppliers will happily offer a free sample.   You can get a free entree sample from the company I bought my food supply from, here.


My Recommendation: Wise Food Storage

emergency food supply discountWhen it comes to emergency food supplies, I recommend the industry leader, Wise Food Storage.  I personally have purchased my food supply from Wise Food Storage after doing extensive research and sampling many products.  The first time I had their products was acutally on a camping trip with some buddies of mine.  They were in charge of bringing food and I was pleasantly surprised when they said all we needed to do to make dinner was boil some water and throw it in a bag.  I was skeptical of how it would taste but I gotta say that it was absolutely delicious, truly one of the best chicken alfredo pastas I’ve ever had.

Wise Foods makes a quality product that has a 25 year shelf life and has an extensive product line ranging from breakfast to dinner entrees and even fruits and vegetables as well.  See their complete lineup of products here.  They have an enormous variety of foods and bundles that range from a quick 72 hour emergency supply to a entire 12 months of food to feed an entire family.  Their food calculator will help you decide on what is best for you.

Besides meeting all the criteria to look for in an emergency food supply (outlined above) I also was impressed by their survival kits and 72 hour emergency food kit, that are great to keep in the car or take hiking and camping.  They also sell individual entrees if you want to stash quick and easy meals in your car, purse, office or wherever.

After requesting a sample from Wise Food Storage and having an excellent customer service experience, I reached out to the company in an effort to partner up with them to spread the news of such an impressive quality emergency food supply.  They agreed that my subscribers and visitors to this site would be a good fit for their products and have agreed to offer all visitors of this site, a 5% discount + Free Shipping off the total order price made on their site.  To take advantage of this offer just use any of the links on this site to get to Wise Food Storage’s site.  When you arrive on their site you’ll see the notice at the top stating your 5% discount and free shipping will be applied at checkout.

Wherever you decide to get your emergency food supply from isn’t entirely important, the most important thing is that you get one.  Don’t think about it or talk about it, just do it.  You never know when you will need it, by definition an emergency is an unexpected predicament that is of extreme danger or urgency.  Ensuring you’re prepared with an emergency food supply just may save your life someday, at the least it should help ease your concerns of emergency preparedness.


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