Benefits of Grass Fed Beef

Benefits of Grass Fed Beef

Grass Fed Beef

grass fed beefSurely you are aware that not all beef is created equal, but did you know that pretty much 100% of the beef that you eat and purchase comes from cows that are corn fed?  What’s wrong with that you ask, well for one it’s not natural.  Cows don’t eat corn in nature, they eat grass and if you have ever eaten a grass fed beef meal then you already know there is a huge difference in the quality of meat.

The reason that most farmers use a cheap mix of grains and corn to feed their cattle is that (as humans know) a diet high in carbs will fatten up their cattle quickly and give them a quick turnaround on their product.  This isn’t how cows used to eat and it’s not what they prefer to eat.  A corn based diet completely alters the nutritional properties of the cow and their meat.  Luckily more and more farmers are beginning to switch back to an all natural grass fed diet, that lets the cattle roam and graze naturally.  Grass is free, there is no cost to the farmer, it produces a better quality meat and a happier lifestyle for the cow, a win-win for everyone involved.


Where to Buy Grass Fed Beef

The best place to buy grass fed beef is actually online!  You wouldn’t normally think of purchasing perishable food products online but there are many companies that have streamlined the process and have made quality and fresh grass fed beef available to anyone.  You used to have to find a local butcher shop that specialized in grass fed beef, as your normal local grocery store most likely does not carry such beef.  It’s just so much cheaper for them to buy their meat in bulk from farmers they have long standing contracts with.

These companies online ship fresh grass fed beef to your front door in a refrigerated package similar to how a restaurant would receive their daily meat order.  If you have an amazon account (and who doesn’t) you can even buy your meat from there.  I have bought meat and seafood from amazon many times as they partner with a host of quality food companies and sort of act as the middle men for your purchase. To see a full list of the grass fed beef products offered on click here.

It’s a convenient way to buy food online if you are comfortable already buying on amazon.  If you are buying grass fed beef for a special occasion or once in a while amazon is a great source, however if you buy frequently it’s best to start a relationship with the actual distributor so that you have an account with them and can receive discounts on bulk orders.  One of my favorite places to buy grass fed beef online is La Cense Beef.


La Cense Grass Fed Beef Review

One of my favorite places to get high quality grass fed beef is at  This company is based in Montana on over 88,000 acres of pasture in a highly elevated unpolluted area that allows the cattle to roam freely.  The best tasting steaks I have ever had came from La Cense.  I first had their beef at a restaurant where I was asking the chef where they get their meat because it was so delicious.  He told me it was from La Cense farms in Montana and that they also sold to the public online. I now buy all of my meat online from them and am always amazed at the quality of both the meat and the process.  I highly encourage you to try some of their meats, I recommend the ground beef.  Surprise your friends and family by making burgers with La Cense grass fed beef and they’ll be amazed at how they taste.  I enjoy doing this for people who have never had grass fed beef before, I often don’t tell them ahead of time and always wait for their reaction.  Every single time someone makes a comment about how extraordinary the taste and quality is.

Some of the qualities that I like most about La Cense Grass Fed Beef are below.

  • Completely grass fed diets, never any grains or corn.
  • 100% Natural and free of pesticides, antibiotics and hormones.
  • Excellent tracking and customer service.
  • Packaged and Shipped directly from the ranch for superior freshness.
  • 88,000 acre pasture that allows cows to be happy and free.
  • Discounts on bulk orders such as whole, half and quarter cows.
  • No middlemen, low prices.
  • Amazing and consistent taste, every time.

I’ve tried many online meat companies and have been the happiest with La Cense because of their quality and their customer service.  I love that they ship directly from the ranch with no middlemen which keeps the prices low.  Don’t take my word for it though, try for yourself and you’ll see exactly what I mean when I say it’s the best beef you’ve ever tasted.  Check out their full online catalog of meats for more information.


Benefits of Grass Fed Beef

There are health benefits to eating beef that comes from grass fed cows, but all you really need to do is bite into a burger that is of grass fed beef and you will instantly see the difference.  For one there is no gristle and the smoothness of the beef just melts in your mouth.  Seriously, one bite is all you need to completely understand the differences in quality of the beef, get yourself a grass fed burger and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Grass fed beef is one of the rare instances where something that tastes better is actually better for you.  Below are just some of the benefits meat from grass fed cows has over traditional beef that you will find in the grocery store and fast food joints.

  • Up to 1/3 less fat per serving
  • Higher percentage of “good fats”
  • Nearly twice the amount of heart healthy omega 3’s
  • More than double the amount of Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)
  • Four times higher levels of Vitamin E
  • Less Calories, Less cholesterol than traditional beef
  • A more natural and less stressful life for the cattle
  • Far less chance of E. Coli and other contamination.  See more here
  • Nearly 0% chance of mad cow disease

With the benefits of grass fed beef being significant and the taste of grass fed beef being easily preferred why is it that grass fed beef is a rarity in people’s diets and stores alike.  The answer is simple, money.  The cost of grass fed beef is currently higher than traditional beef because there is far less of it.  This can kind of be looked at as a good thing for the consumer in that it will discourage them from eating too much beef in their diet.

Rightfully there have been new regulations on what qualifies beef as being grass fed.  Look for this sticker on meat packages to ensure that your meat is of the grass fed quality you are seeking.  Treat yourself or your family to a meal of grass fed beef and see if they notice the difference without you even telling them.  I can just about guarantee someone will say that it is the best meat they have ever tasted.

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