5 Ways To Stay Motivated To Workout

5 Ways To Stay Motivated To Workout

Five Tips To Stay Motivated To Workout

Everybody has their reasons for working out, but underneath those there are only two primary reasons that everyone works out.  To feel good and to look good.  It doesn’t matter if you are rehabbing an injury, trying to lose weight or looking to build muscle, if you work out, you do it because you either want to feel good or look good, for most of us it’s both.

There’s nothing wrong with working out to look good, cause when you look good you feel good and the same is often true for the other way around.  Working out is not easy, it takes time, dedication and extreme discipline to keep up a workout regimen.

At some point everyone reaches a point where they begin to lose motivation.  Either you aren’t seeing the results you want and feel like giving up or you’ve reached most of your goals and have lost a main source of motivation.  When I personally start to get lazy and don’t feel like working out I use one of the techniques below to get me jump started again.

#1 Refresh your workout

If you are constantly using the same exercise routine for weeks you are going to begin to get bored with it and lose motivation.  Not only that but your body is going to get used to it as well and you won’t be gaining any results from doing the same exercises you’ve been doing for weeks.

Learn some new exercises to do and begin incorporating them into a new fitness routine.  By learning new techniques and exercises or by simply focusing on a new muscle group, you challenge your mind and body to do something new.

This is a great way to overcome getting stale in your workouts.  I know whenever I feel I have reached a plateau with my workout I look to my friends’ workout and see if there’s something they are doing that I’ve never done before and can try.  YouTube is also a great place to find new workouts and gain inspiration.

Recently I reached a plateau with my upper body strength training, where I wasn’t able to lift any heavier weights and was getting bored with my workout.  I decided to start focusing on my legs and core more, went on YouTube and found plenty of new exercises to do while boosting my motivation at the same time.

#2 Music

Many of you probably already listen to music while you workout, but what kind of music are you listening to?  Is it motivational.   Getting motivated to workout is so much more mental than it is physical.  You need to get your mind in the right place, and music is a great way to do so.

I have specific workout songs that I listen to at home while I am getting ready for the gym, this helps trigger my mind and body that it’s time to get in workout mode.  Now everyone has a different taste in music, but what I suggest is you find something epic, something that invokes emotion.

This type of music can be very powerful and inspirational, personally I find the best songs for this are instrumentals from soundtracks such as the Matrix or Gladiator.  Check out the song, “Clubbed to Death” by Rob Dougan.  No matter what your taste in music is there is no way you can listen to a song like this and not feel a powerful sense of motivation and focus.

#3 Look Good To Look Good

Working out makes you look good and feel good, but are you looking good, while trying to look good?  Treat yourself to some new workout gear, you deserve it you’ve been working hard.  If you’re still wearing the same old gym shorts and shoes as you were 6 months ago it’s time for a refresh.  If you’re a girl pick out something you feel cute in.

By getting some new workout outfits you’ll be more eager to use them and get to the gym.  Feeling good in your workout clothes gives you more confidence in your appearance while motivating you to keep working out.  You can even reward yourself with new attire for reaching certain goals.  This way you are working towards a reward, which provides motivation in two ways.

#4 Set and Track Your Goals

This is something I wish I would have done more of throughout my years of working out.  If you’re not setting goals and keeping track of them then it’s hard to stay motivated, for your intentions of what you want to achieve are not clear.  My advice (and this is something I really wish I would have done) is to take a picture of yourself each week and store them in a folder on your computer.  This allows you to overtime see the results that you are achieving in how your body looks.

I know I’m a lot more fit than I was a year ago, but I really wish I had the pictures to prove how far I have come.  By providing yourself this kind of positive feedback it excites you to keep improving, it’s a very rewarding and powerful way to stay motivated.

Set goals that are achievable, and that you think you can realistically achieve within a month or two.  When you reach those goals, set new ones with the same criteria.  By constantly achieving and setting new goals you gain a sense of momentum and accomplishment that will keep you motivated.

#5 Get A Workout Partner

Having someone to workout with is a great way to keep you both accountable.  It’s nice to have someone to push you and rely on you to be there with them, making it harder for you to stay at home on those days you’re feeling lazy.  Now if you’re like me then you prefer to workout alone (with headphones of course) but if you’re working out at a gym you’re never really alone.

I have found something interesting, just being around people who are working out really motivates me and pushes me to keep going.  On days where I don’t feel like going to the gym I force myself to get there and when I do I find motivation right when I walk in the door.  There’s been days where I’ve been in lazy mode and thought to myself, “oh I’ll just go and do a bit of cardio today, nothing too hard,” yet when I get there and am surrounded by people working out, I get instant motivation and energy.

Some of the best strength training workouts I’ve had, have come on days where I was feeling lazy and only intended on doing a bit of cardio or ab work.  Then once I’m actually inside the gym and in the atmosphere that everyone else working out provides, I find myself “in the zone” and motivated, and end up having a really good workout.

Maintaining a workout regimen is a tough thing to do, but those who do it, understand how beneficial it is to your health and wellness.  Everyone will struggle with motivation at some point in their fitness programs, some more than others.  Utilize some of the tips to stay motivated to workout, that I’ve discussed above and find what works for you.  It helps to remind yourself how good you feel after your workout is done, when you’re feeling sluggish and unmotivated.

Share your personal stories of maintaining motivation below.  If you’ve found this article beneficial and or interesting I’d appreciate you sharing via the social buttons below.  One last thing, remember to give yourself some credit and praise, for maintaining a workout routine, it’s something to feel proud of as it’s much easier to just be lazy and do nothing.

I leave you with one of my favorite motivational workout videos from YouTube:

2 Responses to “5 Ways To Stay Motivated To Workout”

  1. Marsha says:

    This was a very inspiring article I agree with everything you said especially the part about changing up your workout so you don’t hit a plateau. And I love the idea of looking good to look good that is a fun idea and I think I deserve some new workout clothes. Thanks for bringing up the partner thing I hope to get my husband involved soon.

    • Benjamin says:


      Working out with your significant other is a great way to keep each other motivated. It still takes a lot of discipline. Thanks for the comment.

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