Constipation Remedy Dangers

Constipation is a very common condition worldwide. If you’ve been constipated before or deal with it regularly then you know how truly annoying it is. Causes of constipation vary vastly and there are many supplements on the market to aid in getting regular again. What most people are in-cognizant of is the damaging effects that constipation remedies can have on the body. Below is a list of the most oft used over the counter supplements for constipation, with their potential dangers explained.  See my homepage for more wellness tips.

Stimulant Laxatives:

Laxatives can come in the form of tablets, liquids and suppositories, but they all have one common goal, prompt a bowel movement. While you may just be looking for one bowel movement to get you regular, stimulants can repeatedly work overtime and not stop working until you are absolutely emptied out. You may think that this is wholesome and advantageous, and while it is to some scope, the process is able to take quite a toll on the intestines not to mention a time-consuming and uncomfortable time on the john. Many laxatives include senna which is a natural stimulant, these can provoke pretty painful cramping as the intestines are contracting to get rid of waste. Stimulant laxatives can be tough on both the stomach and intestines, and can cause a long winded fight on the toilet as they work to clean you out.

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Docusate Sodium:

Stool softeners are often a first line of defense versus mild constipation. Docusate sodium is the active ingredient that virtually all stool softeners comprise. Stool softeners that only contain docusate sodium are not stimulants and therefore will not have painful cramping as side effects. Docusate sodium works by pulling water into the stool, helping it to pass more easily. Stool softeners are typically used as a first line defense against occasional or mild constipation, they should not be used long term for chronic constipation. If used often the body will become dependent on them meaning you will need to keep taking them to have regular bowel movements and over more time this will cause your intestines and stomach wall to weaken.

Supplements and Diet:

Surely everyone is cognizant that fiber is the key nutrient needed to produce regular bowel movements. Most people however do not get enough fiber in their diet and don’t like foods that are high in fiber. Diet and natural supplements are the safest and most effective way to maintain regularity and fight irregularity. There are a few good products out there that incorporate natural herbs and elements that are remarkable for preventing and treating constipation. Products that contain magnesium are a great natural stool softener. If using magnesium powder alone, be cautious not to overdose, you’ll know you did if you have diarrhea. Always look for a natural stool softener in powder or tablet form as this makes it easy to take and readily available to the digestive tract.  See here for more reviews on health and wellness products.

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