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Confessions Of A Pharmacist:What Everyone Should Know About Their Medications


I am grateful to be able to share this information composed from my colleagues and myself.  There are certain things every consumer should know about drugs and how pharmacies operate, I see the public making the same mistakes over and over when it comes to medications, causing unnecessary expenses and side effects.

You will learn from this ebook, you will save money from this ebook, and you will be better equipped to take responsibility for your health and drug therapies.  -Benjamin H. (Author)




  • How To Save Money At The Pharmacy

  • How Drugs Work In The Body

  • The Truth About Generic Drugs

  • What Doctors and Drug Companies Don’t Want You To Know

  • The Most Common Mistakes By Consumers And Pharmacies And How To Prevent Them

  • How To Best Utilize Your Pharmacist

  • 6 Chapters of myth busting facts and resources for taking control of your drug therapy.


Nancy H.
Ben, your ebook has been a great benefit to my husband and I. You have outlined so much beneficial information that I never received in over 60 years from doctors or anyone else. I have such a better understanding of drugs and the world of pharmacy, I’ve learned many ways in which we can be saving money on my prescriptions. Thank you so much for this everyday useful information.
Nancy H. Senior Citizen
Mark L.
This ebook has information that should be taught in every school, I was impressed by your ability to so simply outline how drugs work, in a way that the everyday consumer can understand and use to make safer decisions when it comes to over the counter and prescription medications.  I’ll never forget the information I learned here and will be sure to utilize the resources exposed in this book.
Mark L. Personal Trainer
Amber R.
Benjamin, your ebook was easy to understand and taught me a lot about how drugs really work.  Thanks for clearing up the common myths about generic medications as well as the info on how to save money at the pharmacy.  The value in this ebook overdelivers for such a low price.
Amber R. Physical Therapist