The Real Reasons You Smoke Cigarettes

The Real Reasons You Smoke Cigarettes

Why Do People Smoke Cigarettes

I noticed this cute girl the other day just outside her house near my home.  I had never seen her before but felt an immediate attraction to her when I saw her.  She then lit up a cigarette and I couldn’t help but notice my attraction completely dissolve towards her.  It was odd cause I’ve never really experienced such a quick turn off of a complete stranger with whom I never even had a conversation with.

It got me thinking, why do people smoke cigarettes?  Over the next couple of hours I came up with a number of reasons in which a person would choose to be a smoker.  Now keep in mind I studied psychology in college which I think will be apparent in the approach I have taken in this topic.  Really I think the reason why people smoke cigarettes is because they are weak minded and ignorant, more on that below.

If you smoke cigarettes, you lack gratitude.

To no ones surprise, smoking is unhealthy, but not unhealthy in the same way as other things we do in life that are unhealthy.  Smoking is unhealthy in so many ways, the information about it is everywhere and it is proven to cause lung cancer, why in the world would anyone want to do something to deliberately put their health in jeopardy.   To me this shows a complete lack of appreciation and gratitude for their being and their body.

Life is truly a gift, everyday we take that for granted, but choosing to smoke is like saying, “I don’t care about my body, my health or my being.”  We should be grateful for our bodies, for our life, for our existence, and by smoking it shows a lack of caring for what we have been given, a lack of appreciation, and in my opinion, the world has enough people in it that don’t care.

This also shows a complete lack of compassion for others whom with this planet is shared.  Second hand smoke is a very serious health hazard that innocent people certainly haven’t asked for or deserved, especially when children are exposed to it.

This is what really ticks me off about smokers, they are selfish in their need to get a quick fix and expose cancer causing chemicals to anyone within a 100 foot radius of them.  A true sign of selfishness and ignorance is a smoker who knowingly put themselves and others at risk for serious health conditions.  Don’t be that person, if you must smoke do it away from people, even if that means you need to take a few extra minutes to create some distance.

Think About Why You Smoke…

Why Do People Smoke CigarettesI understand some of the reasons that people smoke.  They need a break from what they’re doing, they feel as if they aren’t alone when they have a cigarette, they need to relieve some stress or clear their mind.  The fact is however that all of these things can actually be accomplished without the act of smoking a cigarette.  A lot of people smoke because it gives them time alone, a special time to just be present in their being, it’s not the actual cigarette that is giving them this calming and or satisfactory feeling, rather it’s the moment in which they are smoking that is really what they are seeking, let me explain.

Rarely do we as humans ever take time to just be present in this very moment.  Usually we are always thinking about past events or planning out our future, both near and far.  We worry about things in our future, we relive memories, but rarely do we take a few minutes to just be present, to be thankful for this very moment right now, to understand that at this very moment we don’t have a problem in the world.  I believe this is what many smokers are doing when they take a smoke break, and while I commend them for that, I certainly don’t think you need to smoke a cigarette to reach this moment of being.  There are many other ways to reach this peaceful moment of being, one tip is to just concentrate on your breathing.  By being conscious of each breathe, you set your focus on this very moment, and will notice a feeling of stillness, of peace, of being.

If You Smoke Cigarettes, You’re Weak Minded.

Don’t tell me you have an oral fixation or that you use smoking to relieve stress.  These and any other reason you give for why you smoke cigarettes is nothing more than an ignorant excuse and you know it.  No matter what good or satisfaction you think you get from smoking, the cons far outweigh those reasons.  This comes back to you making an educated poor decision to jeopardize your health and the health of those around you, grow up, those that don’t smoke have access to the same information you do in this world and we’ve chosen to show care for ourselves and others.

To a smoker, a cigarette is their security blanket, their nightlight, and provides a feeling of routine and constancy.  Smokers begin to believe that they need their cigarettes, they are a part of their daily lifestyle and begin to correlate certain moods, activities and needs with having a smoke.  This is partly why it is so hard to quit smoking, there is as much an emotional attachment as physical.  However anyone without a weak mind can overcome these false feelings that smoking provides.

Life is such a precious thing, nobody is guaranteed tomorrow, anyone that would knowingly poison their body is completely missing the point of their existence.  By choosing to smoke cigarettes you are announcing that you don’t cherish your life, you don’t have much regard for others and you don’t feel you deserve a healthy, happy body.  And for this you are weak minded.

Life is no harder for you than anyone else, there’s no reason why you “need” cigarettes and until you realize that, you’ll have to be contempt with having a weak mind.  You’re weak because you’ve let cigarettes win, you’ve let marketers win, you’ve let an image driven ad campaigns seduce you into thinking it’s cool to smoke or that you need your cigarettes to cope or get through each day.  I think it’s way cooler for a person to realize that they aren’t going to develop a harmful habit that has been influenced by companies trying to make money.  Lung cancer doesn’t seem like a fun issue to deal with, I wonder if smokers will think it was worth it when they can’t breathe without the help of a machine.  I challenge you to prove me wrong, prove to yourself that you aren’t weak and that you don’t need cigarettes.


Get Strong, Get Healthy, Quit Smoking Cigarettes

There is such a plethora of support groups and resources available when it comes to quitting smoking, you never have to feel that you are alone.  Companies like have helped millions of people quit.  They even offer a 30 day free trial of their products and program so you can’t use cost as an excuse. For any of you that are offended that I’ve called you weak minded and ungrateful contributors to a decaying quality of society members, prove me wrong by signing up for a free trial of, or taking some kind of action to re-evaluate why you smoke, and why you really don’t need to.  Cigarrest does a great job of addressing the psychological addiction to smoking as well as the physical addiction, if you’re even the bit curious about quitting smoking, I suggest you start with them.

Talk to anyone who used to be a smoker and they will tell you how much better they feel now that they have quit smoking, how much better their life has improved in every way.  Form a psychological perspective when you release yourself from this mental addiction (need) the effects it has on your mood and outlook on life can be much more profound than the physical health benefits alone.  If I’ve offended you with this article, then I’ve accomplished my goal.  Know that I’m not attacking you as a person, but your decision to limit yourself in achieving your ability to become the best you.   If you think I’m wrong in why people smoke cigarettes, please let me know below why.

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  1. Willa says:

    There are so many reasons that people smoke you can only begin to break the surface with your blog. Some of them even started because they thought it looked cool and their friends were doing it and then they couldn’t quit. I think it is a disgusting habit and I am glad that I never started, I feel the same way you do about it and the attraction of a stranger.

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