Wet Wipes: Why Don’t More People Use Them?

Wet Wipes: Why Don’t More People Use Them?

Ask any of my friends and family and they’ll tell you that I’m somewhat of an activist for wet wipes.  Yes I’m talking about wet wipes for your butt, also known as adult wipes.  In case you haven’t heard, they aren’t just for babies anymore.

Contrary to how many people act in this world, we as humans are evolved beings and in this day in age I find it inexcusable for a civilized nation to still be shitting like cavemen.  Ok maybe it’s not quite like that, but to me wiping with dry toilet paper isn’t a whole lot different than wiping with a leaf inside of a cave.  Either way I can promise you this, your butt isn’t clean.

What’s grosser than poo?  Uhhhhh…. exactly.  I always kinda felt like I wasn’t fully clean after dropping the kids off at the pool, but what was I to do, I mean toilet paper is the norm for a #2 regimen.  Sure the Europeans have adopted the bidet, but a water fountain like device that seems like it would tickle and make a mess, is far more an embarrassing thing to have in your bathroom than a neatly stashed box of adult wet wipes.

I’m always a bit taken back by how resistant people are to give wet wipes a try.  Having a degree in psychology I understand completely that people are resistant to change, but the fact of the matter is that if you are not using wet wipes, then you have poor hygiene and I think you’re gross.

In fact if you’re a girl and I don’t see wet wipes in your bathroom, well that’s a point against you.  And if you’re a girl, you should feel the same about a guy.  If you’re a human you should feel the same way about yourself.

A lot of people go through life traditionally.  What I mean by that is we go through our lives doing things that we have been taught growing up as acceptable or appropriate and rarely do we think twice about or question these traditions.  Marriage is one of these traditions (more on that in another post), wiping our ass is another.

There’s the folder and the crumper when it comes to wiping.  That decision is made early on in your life and once it’s made you never look back.  It’s not often someone takes the time to reevaluate how they wipe their behind after decades of successful pooping.  But I encourage you to do just that, because if you’ve never considered wet wipes or you strongly oppose wet wipes then you’re doing it all wrong.

Every friend that I have convinced to try wet wipes has never gone a day without using them again.  It’s very simple for one to realize the necessity of wet wipes, all you have to do is take the wet wipe challenge and you’ll be convinced in minutes.

The wet wipe challenge is quite simple.  Do your doody as normal, wipe as you normally would wipe, then use a wet wipe when you think you are finished.  Now look at your wet wipe in shock as you see what you’ve been leaving behind all these years, dry wiping like a caveman. 

This is usually enough to convince any person that wet wipes are needed.  Not only that it just makes sense.  We use them for babies to get them clean, why would it not work just as well for an adult.  I don’t see how anyone can logically think that dry toilet paper can clean such a mess.   When you clean bird shit off your windshield do you use a dry squeegee?

Wet wipes are made up of a soft flushable fabric containing vitamin E and aloe.  Tell me that doesn’t sound refreshing.  I love the way I feel after I use a wet wipe, it’s a feeling of being clean, a feeling of knowing I’m clean, a feeling you haven’t felt if you’re a dry wiper.

Now don’t get me wrong here, I’m not trying to reinvent the way people wipe their ass (well kind of), toilet paper is still necessary and will always be a staple in every bathroom.  Wiping should now be looked at as a two step process (really three, wash your hands!) you use dry TP first, and finish with a wet wipe.  That’s it!  Clean and skidmark free!

The biggest reason I think that people oppose or resist wet wipes is that they are embarrassed to have a box of them in their bathroom.  You need to get over this real fast, there are much more embarrassing things to be found in your bathroom than something that keeps your behind clean and fresh.  You should be more embarrassed if you don’t have wet wipes, because with this post I’ve just made it the norm.

During my preachings for wet wipes I hear people complain that they don’t like the moist butt feeling that a wet wipe leaves.  If you are one of these people you can always wipe again with dry tp, but really the moistness evaporates within a minute and I actually enjoy the feeling, it’s a feeling of freshness.

My favorite wet wipes are actually made by Target, I love their Up and Up brand of flushable moist wipes and the popup dispenser works perfectly.  If you’re going to jump aboard the wet wipe train of proper hygiene just be sure you are actually using wet wipes.  After convincing my brother to use them he thought he was using wet wipes for adults when in fact he was using Clorox wet wipes that are for cleaning!  This was a 27 year old man who somehow couldn’t figure out the difference between a wet wipe for your ass and one for cleaning counters.  Hey at least he got a free bleach job.

Convince your friends to take the wet wipe challenge by sharing this article via the social buttons below.  As always your comments are welcome, I’d love to hear your wet wipe challenge results and from those who have been converted because of it.

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5 Responses to “Wet Wipes: Why Don’t More People Use Them?”

  1. Alex says:

    In my bathroom I recently installed a product called Nico Wet|Dry, which is essentially a holder for the wet wipes and the dry wipes (mix and match wet a dry containers as you need). No need for plastic boxes with wet wipes sitting anywhere on the bathroom floor.

  2. James says:

    Just in the recent months my husband and I have discovered this very thing as well and I think you are right we were wrong all these years to think we were getting clean. If you clean your baby with them to make sure they are clean then why wouldn’t you use them on yourself as well? Makes know since right? I for one am glad that we have switched .

  3. Joanne says:

    I was intrigued by this article because I have always wondered myself how many people actually practice good hygiene. Some may find it strange, but I refuse to go into a public swimming pool because the first thing that comes to my mind when I fathom swimming in the same water with people I don’t know, is how many of these people in the water have crusty butts because they don’t properly sanitize their rear end after going #2.

  4. Alondra says:

    You are right , at first I refuse to use wet wipes because I was embarrased
    But I decided to give it a try and now I finally feel fresh and clean I love them ,
    Now its an everyday thing.

  5. Sea says:

    I feel that it’s a lot more than just being embarrassed for some people. They should be embarrassed by NOT using wipes. I have been using wipes for years, it just never made sense to me…..Why we would even be taught to wipe with tissue? Who’s idea was this, anyway? I have gotten to the point, if I”m dating a girl and she hasn’t converted over to wipes within a couple of months…. I’m out of there!

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